Risk management in healthcare. Nowhere are stakes higher!

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Our technology helps clinics implement ...

... risk-management solutions that assist their clinical decision making “inside” their day-to- day operations.

Problem: Missed patient issues open up physicians to potential liability. And the few solutions that exist, are mainly “advisory” in nature and require staff resources.

Our clients said “The issue is .. don’t tell me what to do, I already know what to do, help me do it”. And we did.

Our solution: is integrated directly into the InPracSys EHR, enabling staff to use one software tool to cover orders, clinical documentation and manage risk arising from stents put in not taken out, missed scrotal u/s etc. Clinics are free to add anything to their risk profile that they want to.

In addition, we’ve developed this tool as a standalone software that uses our technology to automate the process of risk management for clinics using any certified EHR.

Our Process : We’ve developed a risk management tool alerts the clinic when a task affects “risk” and offers suggestive action. Additionally the technology provides the staff with actionable reports so that they can follow up with appropriate actions.

Value: Is measured in savings on malpractice premium bills and cost of defense, each of which can add up to tens of thousands per clinic per year. The value to patient care is immeasurable. See how costs stack up and here is a White paper.

  1. Risk in healthcare is by far the most costly
  2. InPracSys technology offers a solution that is not only easy to use but also embedded
  3. The process is both robust and automated
  4. It adds great value in patient care as well as saves dollars & averts costs
  5. Click to see how our solution effects the bottom line for a 4 provider urology clinic

Find out how our intuitive, easily customizable EHR can seamlessly integrate into your ideal workflow.

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Easy, affordable and completely customizable, InPracSys EHR was built with your practice in mind.

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InPracSys' intuitive billing feature allows your team to submit claims efficiently, saving you both time and money.

Meaningful Use

Find out how you can embed Meaningful Use 2 into your workflow with InPracSys.