Billing can be difficult, but it need not be. InPracSys solutions allow you to submit claims efficiently, get paid quickly, and cut down your staff work load.

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Do you find your staff spending too many hours on billing?  If so, we know this time can be better spent.

InPracSys billing software is fully automated and integrated with several clearinghouses, so you get paid in days, not weeks or months. You can track the status of your claims through dashboard reports, and you can even see denials before claims get to the payers, so they can be quickly corrected and resubmitted.

This integration has helped InPracSys customers achieve an 88% first pass payment rate.

Still managing multiple software systems?

InPracSys Electronic Billing offers you faster, more accurate bill processing. Claims are generated automatically from your EHR documentation so there is no double data entry. You can easily monitor your billing in a dashboard reporting section.

Insurance verification is also integrated.  Our eligibility verification is fully automated and includes benefits analysis with real time co-pay, co-insurance and deductible data.

  • Electronic billing with custom rules engine
  • One-click payments through ERAs

  • Easy management of receivables

  • Ticket system for issue tracking

  • eStatements that reduce days in AR

  • Patient collection templates

Find out how our intuitive, easily customizable EHR can seamlessly integrate into your ideal workflow.

InPracSys EHR

Easy, affordable and completely customizable, InPracSys EHR was built with your practice in mind.

InPracSys Billing

InPracSys' intuitive billing feature allows your team to submit claims efficiently, saving you both time and money.

Meaningful Use

Find out how you can embed Meaningful Use 2 into your workflow with InPracSys.