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Years of experience and a deep understanding of the healthcare process have led to the innovative features that make InPracSys an industry-leading EHR software solution. Whether you are looking to ease your staff’s workload, increase practice efficiency, or simply better manage your workflow InPracSys offers smart solutions to fit your every need.


There’s nothing more valuable than your time. That’s why we made InPracSys EHR extremely easy to use. Our single-page interface increases efficiency with every click, and our proprietary Point and Click technology keeps keyboarding to a minimum. The software’s intuitive design reduces many tasks to a few clicks, or less.


We know that no two practices are alike. That’s why we’ve built a flexible EHR solution that can be tailored to your unique needs. Designed with urologists in mind, InPracSys comes preloaded with Urology-specific templates and forms that easily integrate into your day-to-day operations. Ask us and we will show you how easy our customizations are, and how they enable increased production and reduce documentation time.


Clinics lacking a high value drug program are missing a treatment opportunity for their patients, and leaving dollars on the table. The InPracSys CarePathways tool efficiently identiy ideal patients as good candidates for high value drug programs, based on industry standard guidelines that assures reimbursements from payers. Our process moves the order through a case management service that integrates pre authorization, billing management, dispense assistance and patient education. With our Carepathways solution, an average physician can identify 20 or more cases per year, at an average of $5,000 per case, or up to $100,000 or more in annual revenue.



Data analytics can offer clinics important insight across a wide range important responsibilities, from identifying good patient candidates for clinical trials, to outcome analysis for value-based modifier payments. Unfortunately most healthcare software solutions were designed to input clinical information and send claims, not with efficient reporting and removal bias analysis in mind. The InPracSys data mining tool, built in collaboration with physicians, is an easy to use reporting tool designed to allow user to easily and quickly generate custom reports on.



The InPracSys Risk Management is a comprehensive solution that integrates directly into existing EHRs, and automates the process data transmission and risk analysis based on existing patient data. We provide staff with actionable reports so that they can follow up with patients, and reduce their risk liability. Furthermore, our solution is flexible, uses our predefined alerts, or define your own, based on clinic needs. Medical liability lawsuits cost, on average, $45,070; How many potential $45,000+ lawsuits are there among your patients? Maybe it’s time to use InPracSys to bring that number to 0.


Unlike most EMRs which are slow and time consuming, the InPracSys Urology EMR was built to be efficient, easy-to-use and extremely productive. See how a renal stones consult can be documented with HPI, ICD10, orders, MU, PQRS and E&M; codes in under 30 seconds with InPracSys FastChart.


For EHR technology to succeed, charting needs to be flexible, device un-tethered and on-demand. Technology today makes that a reality. Take a look at how InPracSys EHR leverages modern technology and enables you to chart using an iPhone, an android, or your favorite device and allows you to do it efficiently and “completely”. You can also use My EMR with SIRI or Cortana and other built in and rapidly improving dictation technology. See how


The InPracSys Clinical Trials Software streamlines the process, automating patient identification and management of paperwork. Our software tool will enable the clinic to participate in trials with minimal interruption to normal clinic flow, increasing clinic revenue by as much as $10,000 to 50,000, or more. Not to mention being able to offer cutting edge care to your patients.


Managing all aspects of a clinic from beginning to end isn’t easy. InPracSys offers robust solutions that integrate with a variety of different partners, including labs, hospitals and Surescripts Rx HUB. This removes the need for duplicate data entry, saving you precious time and resources. InPracSys software also interfaces with existing practice management (PM) systems, allowing you to implement our EHR with any PM system that suits your unique needs.


Need an EHR solution you can access on the go? InPracSys is accessible anywhere, anytime, and security is always guaranteed. Use it on your desktop or iPad with any major browser, and chart with peace of mind. Patient data is always confidentially stored and continuously backed up on multiple secure servers.


You run a complex practice, with complex billing needs. InPracSys’ built-in features are designed to make things easier. Our superbills handle billing efficiently and maximize your reimbursements. InPracSys also offers templates that ensure compliant billing. As labs offer new products, clinics may bill professional components of Anatomical Pathology. Our solutions help clinics with Professional Component billing and documentation for Anatomical Pathology. This includes location-specific solutions that meet state-specific rules.


Each day you rely on a variety of tools to keep patient care running smoothly. InPracSys EHR seamlessly connects to diagnostic equipment for urine analysis, bladder scans, TRUS and other procedures. Our software can be fully integrated and interoperable with many EMRs, with simplified data entry.

Find out how our intuitive, easily customizable EHR can seamlessly integrate into your ideal workflow.

InPracSys EHR

Easy, affordable and completely customizable, InPracSys EHR was built with your practice in mind.

InPracSys Billing

InPracSys' intuitive billing feature allows your team to submit claims efficiently, saving you both time and money.

Meaningful Use

Find out how you can embed Meaningful Use 2 into your workflow with InPracSys.