You’ve invested valuable time and resources in building a successful practice. That’s why we designed InPracSys to easily integrate into your workflow, with smart solutions that enhance your capabilities and boost productivity.

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You’ve spent countless hours refining the processes that keep your clinic running smoothly.  We think that was time well-spent, and that’s why InPracSys Billing seamlessly integrates with your practice.

It includes Level 1 coding so you never miss a billable event or a collectable balance. And with our proprietary billing rules engine, you maintain a 99{23be84b9129529f5a1eac48ff71cffe03489f079ebc46cdde294c7a33852a200} clean claim rate.

Used in conjunction with the eligibility verification and Point of Service payment services, the InPracSys software will enable you to verify benefit before the patient’s appointment, collect payment at the point of service, and send a clean claim to the payer; all within one software system. And, with our system of intelligent, and customizable alerts, you also have the peace of mind of never missing a billable event. That’s intelligent software design.

Still want more assistance with your billing? Let us help.

We have billing and coding specialists on staff available to review your claims before being sent to payer, virtually guaranteeing a zero rejection rate.


Every click takes time, but a missed click costs money.  Imagine missing a cystoscopy that was performed, and even documented, but never billed.  You can avoid these critical errors with InPracSys EHR.  When you click or dictate a note, our software automatically codes with the appropriate CPTs – saving you both time and money


Many clinics rely on cumbersome, expensive third party billing “scrubbers” and end up only using less than 10{23be84b9129529f5a1eac48ff71cffe03489f079ebc46cdde294c7a33852a200} of the available rules.  This wastes time and resources. InPracSys gives you access to your own customized rules engine, preloaded with data “crowd sourced” from our urology clinics – at no extra charge. 


InPracSys Billing makes it quick and easy to create optimized templates so your bills are accurate.

Our software saves you time, eliminates data entry errors, and increases first-pass payment. 

InPracSys also offers templates for billing any procedures and surgeries.


InPracSys makes it quick and easy for patients and providers to get to their data without our assistance, at any time, using InPracSys API. In a few clicks they can authenticate themselves and if authenticated, data is made available to them. For security, this API service is only available to providers, patients and patient representatives. All others requests are denied. Click API to see how this works.

Find out how our intuitive, easily customizable EHR can seamlessly integrate into your ideal workflow.

InPracSys EHR

Easy, affordable and completely customizable, InPracSys EHR was built with your practice in mind.

InPracSys Billing

InPracSys' intuitive billing feature allows your team to submit claims efficiently, saving you both time and money.

Meaningful Use

Find out how you can embed Meaningful Use 2 into your workflow with InPracSys.