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We spend 86% of our technology time on apps.

The analytics firm Flurry reported that when it comes to use of technology, we spend, on average, 86% of our time on apps and only 14% on the Web. Among the top three reasons were “security”, “ease of use” and “speed” of getting something done.

We took the data seriously and developed a mobile solution V2 and discovered that charting on the new InPracSys mobile is 20% faster than InPracSys desktop for the exact same reasons Flurry reported.

Problem: EHR slows me down, and then the clunky desktop has its own brain and works sometimes and does not work sometimes. Then Bob, the IT guy needs to come it.

Solution: InPracSys enables you to chart using an iPhone, an android, or your favorite device and allows you to do so efficiently, quickly and “completely”, including Meaningful use and level of service bullets.

Even with dictation. Now you are unshackled from costly voice recognition software which woks only sometimes. While the built in tools on smartphones get better by the day.

The value proposition is immense. Mobile stats firms have suggested 2 mins saved pet patient per chart and that’s over 30 minutes a day.

See why and how it saves time and adds value because there is nothing more valuable than your time.

  1. Use your handheld device to improve your efficiency
  2. It not only saves time, it reduces costs as you don’t need as much hardware or IT management
  3. Add to this costs saved on voice recognition software

Find out how our intuitive, easily customizable EHR can seamlessly integrate into your ideal workflow.

InPracSys EHR

Easy, affordable and completely customizable, InPracSys EHR was built with your practice in mind.

InPracSys Billing

InPracSys' intuitive billing feature allows your team to submit claims efficiently, saving you both time and money.

Meaningful Use

Find out how you can embed Meaningful Use 2 into your workflow with InPracSys.