InPracSys FHIR API 2.0 Access & Configuration Requirements​


Step 1: Signup for a Developer account

1. Registration Process for Developer Account:
a. Access InPracSysEHR WebPortal 2.0
b. Find the developer registration form
c. Read and Accept the terms and conditions to use InPracSysEHR FHIR API 2.0
d. Complete the registration form with all required details and Submit the form.
e. InPracSysEHR Accounts Registration team will review your request
f. You will receive a Registration URL to your e-Mail.
g. Follow the URL and Create a new Password to your developer account

Step 2: Software components & configuration requirements

1. After successful registration, you can create a New Application name
2. A unique Client ID will be Generated to your application
3. A Sandbox URL will be provided
4. Use this Client ID to authenticate your application to access Sandbox.
5. Access the API by reviewing the publicly available InPracSysEHR FHIR API 2.0 documentation
6. After Implementation submit your application for Tech Review with InPracSysEHR
7. Every Update requires tech review and APPROVAL before making available to end user

Signup for a developer Account
Personal Information:

** If you are submitting the registration form that means you are accepting the Terms and Conditions of
InPracSysEHR LLC developer account and API usage